Top 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Style Power

What if I told you that Style is much bigger than us putting looks together, building capsules, accessorizing, etc?!

It really is!

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I've found that a lot of successful women Entreprenurs go through different periods of transformation, evolution, leveling up, and the list goes on. In this time, they lose their sauce or their sense of style image has shifted.

This is actually normal as we grow.

Style is not to be put in a box or has to stay the same.(which can become mundane or not really who your are in your head right now)

Its actually a big part of our personal image, in how we feel, see ...


Top 5 Reasons Why Your Image Is Everything to winning in business!

A. Your image is an extension of how you see yourself & your confidence level will reflect in how you carry yourself in your business. If your image is not on point, your character & communication will correspond. When you look & feel authentically phenomenal, your charisma will reflect just that.temp-post-image


"Be Bold! There is Power in Color!"


Colors are my absolute best wardrobe friends in my closet and should be yours! There is no need to run from color! Adding a dose of color in your closet will allow you to infuse your personality into your wardrobe and even intensify your natural facial features, such as making an eye color "pop or make your skin look even more luminous. The trick is to ensure that your best colors are worn near your face. You always want to be sure that your face is the #1 focal point. Black seems to be the the go-to color for many as a hiding place, but you will be amazed what adding a POP of color will do for you. It will add that extra "oomph"(as I like to say) and make YOU pop out. If you are are in do...


Top 5-Why you should step it up in your Personal Style in 2016

1. Your Personal Image is the very thing that will make you and/or your brand stand out from the crowd.

2. Looking good is an automatic confidence booster! Your walk & talk shifts with your boost in confidence.


3. Showing up is one thing, but showing up and looking your 'very best' elevates things to a greater level!

4. It's the very thing that can be used to attract the level of success & lifestyle you desire!

5. Walking in a polished & stylish version of yourself allows you to showcase authenticity & the best version of "YOU". People see you before they hear you!


If You Don't Love it! Don't buy it!

So you have a whole lot of everything, but a whole lot of nothing to wear? Check out your closet. Something like this maybe.


Did you know that the average person only wears approximately 10-20% of their wardrobe. Pretty alarming! Huh?... Most closets consist of items that have been gifted to you, pieces that didn't work when purchased & you didn't love from the start.

Think of how much that could be put back in your pocket or can be invested in something that you absolutely love! Don't get comfortable with a jungle in your closet. Do yourself a favor and love your wardrobe. Let every single piece be a reflection of who you are and you look & feel amazing in! Here are 5 quick tips to help you ...