Top 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Style Power

What if I told you that Style is much bigger than us putting looks together, building capsules, accessorizing, etc?!

It really is!

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I've found that a lot of successful women Entreprenurs go through different periods of transformation, evolution, leveling up, and the list goes on. In this time, they lose their sauce or their sense of style image has shifted.

This is actually normal as we grow.

Style is not to be put in a box or has to stay the same.(which can become mundane or not really who your are in your head right now)

Its actually a big part of our personal image, in how we feel, see ourselves, how we make others feel, and the message that we put out there. When you are feeling less empowered in your style, you are likely underplaying yourself, in general.

Your People(clients, audience, etc.)) cannot see the REAL YOU!

They cannot hear YOU!

They cannot feel YOU!(do you feel me?!)

🌟Here are my top 3 ways that you can reclaim that power tu-day🌟

  1. First know that you likely already have good style taste, however you may need an expert to help you truly bring it out, maximize it & see the bigger picture in who you are today

  2. Be okay with letting some or all ish go!

  3. Avoid latching on to every generic style tip, hack, video, etc. online, that really does not feel AMAZING for YOU & does not serve the million dollar woman inside of you!

I would love to hear which resonates the most with you.