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Stylish Greetings!

If you are here, I already know that you are a purposeful, busy, Entrepreneur or Business Owner! 

Closing deals. Getting things done & showing up when purpose calls, type of woman. Helping others create their dream lifestyle, building your legacy & living a life on your own terms, are your vision. 

The mission of J.Charisse is to use our expertise & love for aesthetics, people design, transformation, and seeing women win; to empower & be the Styling & Image source for women, around the globe.  

Being the woman that came from a household, where my mother didn’t play about being dressed at your best, & being polished, Styling & Imaging have always been at the core of who I am. In this Entrepreneurial journey, I am constantly in rediscovery mode in my own personal brand & how I want to show up in the world. I have gained the wisdom & tools in helping women(like you) to show up for themselves at their best.

Imagine, you being the woman(or man) that, confidently, goes from 5 to 6(7&8)  figures in her business, every month.(giving you time to vacay, spend more time with your family, and whatever you desire, on your own terms)

Imagine stepping into more of the luxury market & clientele, showing up on stages & conferences, with ease, assurance, style & grace.

Imagine being more confident, assured, feeling like your true self(in your WOW & It factor), good in your skin; when you show up in the world.

Imagine never having to worry about putting your best foot forward & having the support at your fingertips, in managing that aspect of your brand & life! 

As a busy woman, the last thing that you should be worried about is managing your image, reputation, wardrobing, sourcing exclusive clothing items, and so on. We will help you manage all of that, plus more.


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"J. Charisse Image Consulting is the style hub! Jill has a natural flair for what looks good on her clients. She is super savvy with all body shapes and styles. She is an expert in selecting which color pallets work best with your skin tone and undertones.I was most impressed with her ability to work with me virtually using video conferencing to select and accessorize pieces for me. The outfits that she chose for me items were I would not have come up with on my own. They gave me the WOW reaction I was looking for! I was very pleased. J. Charisse is a reliable source and experienced expert in style. I highly recommend her for your image consulting needs!"

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