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(Business owner|CEO style & image)

Elite image & Style Management 

Partner with me as your Exclusive CEO Image Partner.

An exclusive member experience, created with busy lifestyle, high-level business owners, CEOS & Entrepreneurs in mind. 

 Some of what you can expect include:

Wardrobe Curation & Styling On Demand

Seasonal Fashion Forecast

Image Maintenance(regular assessments to ensure image is aligned with your brand)

Concierge Personal Shopping

VIP Virtual Consulting

Networking Event Prep

Presence Consulting

Digital Closet Access & Management(access your personal styled closet at the fingertips)

Exclusive Newsletter

Photoshoot Assistance

Priority Access

The benefits of being an exclusive member:

Saving time, energy and money

Exclusive Access

Your ROI is endless and pays back over and over  

Retainer-$2499 monthly/$27,500 annual