1. What is the difference in working with an Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist? 

An Image Consultant typically specialize in transformation & grooming the whole person in the areas of Appearance, behavior, communication and/or digital presence to align with your lifestyle & goals. A fashion stylist is typically hired to dress you for a specific event, occasion, etc and are focused on fashion.

2. What is the typical investment in services as a personal client? 


3. What is the first step in becoming a client? 

Click the red Book Consultation button on the top of home page to request a discovery session to see if its a good fit. 

4. How do I get in touch with you?

Please request a discovery call or complete the general inquiry form and someone will follow-up with you in 24-48 hours.

5. How long does the journey take in working with me?
My mission is to provide the ultimate value and to maintain life long relationships with my clients. The experience can take from anywhere from 3-12 months or more, depending upon the service needs. I, generally only take on a select few clients, providing more top quality and personalized service.
6. Do you offer an exclusive style membership program at this time?
 Coming very soon!  We are curating and will launch shortly. 

7. Do you work with International or non-local clients
Absolutely. We work with individuals globally. Any international or outside of Atlanta travel provided, will include additional travel fees
8.Are your services done in person or virtually?
Both. We have transitioned into more virtual sessions, however will provide in person services, depending upon location and needs of the client. 
*COVID-19 precautions will be followed*