"Be Bold! There is Power in Color!"


Colors are my absolute best wardrobe friends in my closet and should be yours! There is no need to run from color! Adding a dose of color in your closet will allow you to infuse your personality into your wardrobe and even intensify your natural facial features, such as making an eye color "pop or make your skin look even more luminous. The trick is to ensure that your best colors are worn near your face. You always want to be sure that your face is the #1 focal point. Black seems to be the the go-to color for many as a hiding place, but you will be amazed what adding a POP of color will do for you. It will add that extra "oomph"(as I like to say) and make YOU pop out. If you are are in doubt about what will look good, a personal Image Consultant can guide you to the right colors just for you.