Wardrobe update EXPERIENCE


 Did you know that the average woman only wears approximately 20% of what is in her 

wardrobe & typically does a good bit of impulse shopping throughout the year, which can 

create chaos, confusion & not a closet with purpose? (a closet full of everything and little to wear)

Every other area, that we must show up in(visually), in our brands & lives will flow from our what’s already in our current closet.(including events, photoshoots etc. for business)

Your wardrobe should already be THE source of styling for every facet of your brand!

 We have been conditioned and  coaxed into constantly buying new items frequently, without being intentional about what we currently own. It’s so easy to get caught up. You are not alone. 

I believe that dressing should be as effortless(as possible), empowering and done with ease.

This is where periodic closet edits come in and are of value. There are a lot of hidden jewels in your wardrobe. We want to maximize all that we already own as much as possible & let go of anything that is not serving our present vision & life. 

In this experience, I will partner with you in discovering what your style is(for every area of your lifestyle), coaching through each garment & guiding on what to donate, and/or keep, how to maximize all that’s left. This package includes a digital guide with a list of places to shop(based on your body type and style type) & shopping list of items to fill in any gaps.(as needed)