Meet J. Charisse

Who is Jill Charisse....

Hello there!! I am America's elite Certified Image Consultant & Personal Reinvention Specialist!... Because I believe that evolving takes constant reinventing yourself! A natural influencer, game-changer & rebel in my own right..Packaging my 15 plus years' in the style industry, modeling, leadership, communications & corporate background with my true passion..Leaping from the legal world to entrepreneur life, I have discovered that setting yourself apart & how you show up is absolutely everything! I've been a go-to for coaching,creative direction, as well  my tenure working for various high-end venues. 

I totally get the business life journey and am super passionate about empowering other Business Owners to totally embody the highest version of themselves (what I like to call their "WOW" factor),  skip the status quo, & tap into their true personal brand identity. My purpose is to make individuals unapologetically confident in who they are in building their empire & inspiring them to play even bigger through the power of their own Personal Image. My mantra is that business & life are so much more epic when you show up authentically! "You are Your Brand" and your brand is a complete, everyday lifestyle! It's in your charisma, appearance, character, and how you show up in totality in life & business. There will always be times that you will need to reinvent in these areas. I challenge you to come out from hiding, push the envelope & unleash the beast!