Meet Jill Charisse

Who is Jill Charisse....

Hello there!! Founder, Certified Image Stylist & Consultant. I am a true believer that you get to reinvent yourself as much as you so please. As a thought-leader, & a bit of rebel in my own right, packaging over 20 years in the industry of style, promotional modeling, leadership, communications & corporate background with my passion for transformation & style; shifting from Corporate America to  successful Entrepreneur; I can attribute a good bit of my successes to always striving to be poised, polished and put together (in a way that felt authentic to me, however getting over putting myself in a the box that Corp America had me in). Over the years, I've been a go-to for coaching, creative direction, consulting, as well as working with multiple high end venues.

I totally get the entrepreneurial journey and am passionate about co-creating with successful Entrepreneurs in igniting the best version of themselves ("WOW" factor). My mission is to transform hundreds of women across the globe in showing up as the vision of themselves that they see in their imaginations. I believe that business & life are so much more epic when you show up authentically, look & feel absolutely AMAZING! "You're Your Own Brand" and your brand is an entire lifestyle!